An Introduction

This is a blog to collate my thoughts and progress as I try to learn a little more about the sourcing, manipulation, analysis, visualisation and communication of large data sets.

Where I begin
I have studied a general Science degree (genetics and molecular biology) plus honours. I have spent two years since in a (molecular) cancer epidemiology research laboratory.

What I know
Standard relational database management system skills in Excel/Access.
Basic  querying using SQL.  This MOOC on Introduction to Databases has been quite useful.
Basic coding structure and concepts. This MOOC on Systematic Program Design has been quite useful.
Standard scientific statistics applied through R and SPSS.
Basic unix/linux learned through my personal genome project – My23andY.

While this will be an opportunity to improve my writing and communication skills, I don’t plan on making posts too perfect with re-draft after re-draft – I don’t want this blog to become a chore.   So forgive my stream-of-consciousness writing and I’ll do my best to make sense!


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