Data repositories, tools and learning resources

My IT mentor Brendon Body linked me to this kdnuggets repository of data repositories – a solid place to start.  A brief poke around has lead me to the following which will be at the top of my list as I begin more research.

Compilations of Data Repositories

Data Repositories (of specific interest to me)


Learning Resources


Of note, I think this resource on How To Do a Big Data Project: A Template for Success will be useful to keep my research (and eventually projects) structured, tangible and goal-orientated.

I also hope to compile a list of Big Data thought leaders.

This year I semi-participated in a MOOC on SEOThe Challenge.  I loved the concept of ‘thought leaders’ that they introduced.  Our homework one week was to compile a list of twenty influencers in a field we were interested in.  People shared their lists on the forums, on topics from Education Innovation, to Mummy Bloggers, to Online Marketing.  I think this is a fantastic way to plug in to the thought processes and resources of these leaders, while making sure to have enough to keep ideas and opinions somewhat diversified.  In the past I’ve used Twitter (and specifically Twitter Lists) for this.


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